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Process Flow

Shrimp shell powder process

Introduction to Crayfish Powder

Shrimp shell powder refers to one or more kinds of shrimp as raw materials, which are processed through high-temperature cooking, drying, crushing, cooling and other processes; now with the rise of freshwater crayfish farming, freshwater crayfish powder is also open. Shrimp powder market. Freshwater crayfish shrimps and soup shrimps are the main aquatic products processed and exported in my country. At present, most of the processing and exporting enterprises of crayfish and seawater shrimps in my country treat a large number of shrimp heads and shells produced after cooking and peeling shrimps as waste materials. , Shrimp head shell waste contains 20%~30% organic substances such as animal protein, 30%~40% calcium and other inorganic substances, shrimp shells contain 20%~30% chitin and 4%~8% shrimp green Vegetarian. Crayfish leftovers are shrimp heads and shrimp shells, which account for 70% to 80% of shrimp body weight, and are rich in amino acids, peptides, proteins and other nutrients. Shrimp shells contain about 20% chitin and 4% to 8% astaxanthin.


Domestic market trends

In 2019, the total output of crayfish aquaculture in my country reached 2.0896 million tons, and the total aquaculture area reached 19.29 million mu, an increase of 27.52% and 14.80% respectively compared with 2018, and the increase rate has declined. According to the breeding mode, crayfish paddy farming accounts for the largest proportion, with an output of 1.7725 million tons and an aquaculture area of 16.58 million mu, accounting for 84.82% and 85.96% of the total output and total area of crayfish farming, respectively, accounting for the national total rice and fishery comprehensive planting and breeding. Yield and 60.46% and 47.71% of the total area. From a national perspective, the five traditional crayfish farming provinces continue to maintain growth, and Zhejiang and other provinces with a late start have also begun to accelerate their development, and the overall rapid growth of crayfish farming has not diminished.


Production process introduction

Shrimp shell powder is produced by a wet process. The raw materials first pass through a closed iron removal chute to remove possible iron blocks, iron sheets and other garbage, and then enter the cooking machine through a screw conveyor. In the cooking machine, the raw materials are cooked and sterilized by high-temperature steam, and then sent to the press for separation of solid and oil-water mixture. The pressed cake formed by pressing is sent to the dryer, and the juice is passed through the vibrating screen. After filtering, it enters the exhaust gas concentration system. The rising film concentration of waste gas mainly uses the waste gas produced by the dryer to evaporate the water of the juice, and the concentrated liquid enters the dryer together with the pressed cake of the press. At the same time, the solids generated during the filtration of the vibrating screen also enter the dryer. In the dryer, the material is continuously pushed by the pushing device on the main shaft, the material is continuously baked in the steam, and a large amount of water vapor is evaporated during the continuous stirring of the main shaft, and this water vapor is continuously drawn out by the induced draft fan. When the moisture is dried to about 8%-10%, the material is discharged up to the standard. At this time, the temperature of the shrimp powder is high, and there are many large particles. We first remove the iron substances in the powder through the iron removal bucket, and then initially cool down by the air-cooled auger, and then use the powder sifter to remove the large objects and garbage in it. At this time, the shrimp shell powder is basically clean, but it is not thick enough and uneven. It is necessary to send the shrimp shell powder to the pulverizer to pulverize it into a finer and more uniform powder, thus forming a more ideal shrimp shell powder. Finally, after being cooled by a cooler, it is directly packaged into the warehouse. For raw materials containing high shrimp oil, we also provide oil filter equipment, mainly through horizontal centrifuges and disc centrifuges, the juice produced by the press is extracted for oil and then sent for concentration. The flour is less oily, and the shrimp oil also yields more profit. In addition, after the waste gas generated by the dryer and other equipment is used in the rising film concentration of the waste gas, it enters the tubular condenser to condense all the water vapor into water, and the condensed water enters the waste water treatment center to remove the waste gas with moisture, and then pass through the purification tower. , the exhaust gas is thoroughly purified, and then the exhaust gas is discharged up to the standard.


Flow chart of crayfish powder production line


Production process photos


crayfish production stage (1)

crayfish production stage (2)

crayfish production stage (3)

crayfish production stage(4)

crayfish production stage (5)

crayfish production stage (6)

crayfish production stage (7)