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Enzymatic hydrolysis of fish pulp

Enzymatic hydrolysis fish pulping system

The enzymatic hydrolyzed fish pulp contains a large amount of small molecule polypeptides, amino acids, taurine, and minerals and other beneficial components, and retains the unique unknown growth factors of fish meal, which has a good effect on attracting food and promoting growth of aquatic products and livestock and poultry breeding animals. It is a good source of high-quality animal protein, food attractant and nutritional supplement. Adding an appropriate amount of enzymatic fish dissolving slurry can increase the growth rate of farmed animals, reduce the bait coefficient, and improve the breeding efficiency.

The fish protein water is concentrated by the waste heat of the dryer or fresh steam, and the fish protein water is concentrated to a solid concentration of 20% by a single-pass falling film concentrator. The concentrate enters the enzymatic hydrolysis reactor for enzymatic hydrolysis. Enzyme inactivation, the concentrated solution after inactivation of enzyme is concentrated to 55% solid content concentration, and the product is the enzymatic hydrolysis fish dissolving slurry.