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Process Flow

Condensate water return process

Condensate recovery system

● Save boiler fuel. Since the high temperature condensate directly enters the boiler, the amount of fuel burned can be appropriately reduced. Through practical use test, it can save 10%-15% of fuel.

● The reduction of fuel can reduce air pollution and also reduce the emission of soot and sulfur dioxide.

● Save industrial water. Condensate water can generally be used directly as boiler make-up water. Because it is fully enclosed, there is no discharge of water vapor, which not only reduces the water consumption of the boiler, but also improves the working environment.

● Improve the actual execution efficiency of boilers. Due to the utilization of high-temperature condensed water, the temperature of the boiler feed water rises, fuel is saved, and the actual thermal efficiency of the boiler is improved, giving full play to the potential of the boiler.


Condensate recovery process flow chart