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Process Flow

Deodorization process

Exhaust gas treatment system

The waste gas from fishmeal factories can be classified into two categories, namely, organized waste gas and unorganized waste gas.

Organized waste gas comes from cooking machines, dryers, liquid tanks and other equipment. It is the water vapor evaporated from the raw fish during heating and drying during the production and processing of fishmeal. It is characterized by high concentration and high temperature, and the waste gas mainly exists in the form of water vapor.

Unorganized waste gas mainly refers to the odorous gas existing in the production workshop, raw material fish pond and finished product warehouse. Its characteristics are that the concentration is relatively low, the temperature is close to normal temperature, but the gas volume is relatively large.

In view of the above situation, combined with the specific site selection conditions and exhaust emission requirements of the fishmeal factory, two sets of treatment solutions can be provided for customers to choose for the treatment method of organized waste gas.


1. Condensation and deodorization scheme

Usually, in order to achieve the ideal deodorization effect and take into account the advantage of utilizing the condensation effect of the air itself, a tubular condenser or an air condenser can be arranged separately, or the above two condensation deodorization methods can be combined.

2. High-grade deodorization scheme

1. Deodorization tower spray deodorization

This scheme can take advantage of the geographical advantage to extract seawater for spray deodorization, and the waste gas is in contact with a large amount of seawater. Most of the soluble substances and some insoluble substances enter the water when the water vapor contacts, and the treatment effect of the waste gas odor substances is better and can be discharged directly.

When the water source of the customer's location is not very sufficient, we use the circulating spray type to save water.This pattern is more common in small-scale production lines.


2. Multi-stage high oxidation deodorization equipment deodorization

After the condensation-acid-base spray treatment, the exhaust gas can usually be directly discharged, but some areas have very strict detection standards for the exhaust gas, or the factory is located near a residential area, at this time, it is necessary to use multi-stage high-oxidation deodorization equipment , Thoroughly remove the tail exhaust gas. Through this, the ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and other substances in the exhaust gas are almost consumed, and the exhaust gas can be directly discharged up to the standard.