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Medicinal dregs drying process

My country's pharmaceutical factories produce millions of medicinal dregs every year, but the disposal method of these medicinal dregs is very simple. It is either buried or incinerated, or even directly stacked there without care. This is actually a waste. Medicinal dregs are actually a misplaced resource, and they can also be reused. That is to make medicinal dregs into organic fertilizers, feeds, and dyes. Of course, many of them say that medicinal dregs can come out of pharmaceutical factories. Dry the dregs first to facilitate storage and transportation.


The three-axis dryer is mainly used for the drying of medicinal residues in various pharmaceutical companies. Compared with conventional dehydration drying equipment, it has many advantages for the drying of medicinal residues, as follows:

Large heating area:Special double disc design, compact structure, almost double the heating area in the same space.

Less coking phenomenon:According to the viscous characteristics of the dregs, the design adopts the design of two heating spindles rotating at opposite speeds, which can prevent coking on the heating surface of the disc.

Full nutrition:The equipment can be equipped with a complete vacuum system, so that the temperature of the material drying process can be controlled at a low temperature, and the medicinal value of the material can be preserved to the greatest extent.

Save energy:It can use 0.6MPa steam to dry under standard conditions, reducing the cost of vacuum system.

Run smoothly:The high-quality hard-tooth surface reducer is sleeved on the heating spindle, and the equipment runs more stably and quietly.

Continuous production:The bottom of the dryer is designed with a forward and reverse feed shaft, which can adjust the speed or direction according to the drying degree of the material, and control the discharge speed for continuous and even production.

Stir fry evenly:The powder pusher is installed on the two discs, which is conducive to the stirring of the bottom material, so that the material is heated more evenly.

Discharge advantage:The discharge auger is installed, and the frequency conversion motor is also used to control the start, stop and speed separately, which reduces the long working time caused by the slow discharge in the later stage, and also reduces the material storage inside the cylinder.

Can be equipped with vacuum:A vacuum low-temperature dryer can be selected. During the drying process, the temperature of the material is low, there is no overheating phenomenon, the water is easy to evaporate, and the dried product can form a porous structure with good solubility and rehydration.


Medicinal dregs drying process flow chart